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Storm Dragon

April 23, 2022

Since I’ve been doing this Divine Navigation thing, I’ve wondered if the storm dragon episodes might cease or at least decrease in volume but that hasn’t been the case. With each wave of activation, I experience a fresh wielding of the sword of dragon bone crystals…

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Divine Navigation

March 14, 2022

There is this lady, Ronda Renée Wada. She runs a company called Divine Navigation. It’s not really something I would have found my-self doing except that my instructions told me to. Plus I met her at Ken’s thing in 2013 at Grammercy Mansion, Baltimore and I knew I couldn’t do this on my own anymore. […]

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Blossoming in Sacred Space

March 7, 2022

That’s the name of my divine coordinate — blossoming in sacred space. It isn’t a big surprise, really. I’m always (always? often??) looking to make beautiful wherever I am, with whomever I’m with. And if I can’t do that, I leave. Or I walk away from the plan in some way — burning bridges, mostly. […]

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The Art Of Minimalism

August 30, 2018
The Art Of Minimalism - Minimalist WordPress Theme

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Fell The Space

August 29, 2018
Fell The Space - Minimalist WordPress Theme

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